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Blue Campaign and the DHS Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships are hosting a virtual panel to discuss the racial disparities related to human trafficking crimes, highlighting the impact on youth and vulnerable communities.

The content of this event is best suited for individuals working in faith-based and community-serving organizations, especially those serving youth and/or minority audiences.

Featured speakers include:

  • Melissa Rogers, Executive Director, White House Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships
  • Rev. Dr. Que English, Director, HHS Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships
  • Staca Shehan, Vice President, Analytical Services Division, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC)
  • Ms. Lisa C. Williams, Author, Philanthropist, Founder/Principal Consultant, The Centre for HOPE (Helping Other People Excel), podcast host Front Porch Conversations
  • Dr. Sharon Cooper, President and CEO, Developmental & Forensic Pediatrics, P.A., Development and Forensic Pediatrician, Executive Producer Not Just Pictures

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