About the RIC


The Regional Interdisciplinary Collaborative Working to Disrupt Human Trafficking (the “RIC”), is a collaboration of stakeholders from the National, Regional, State and Local levels working together to end human trafficking, support survivors of trafficking and raise awareness of human trafficking. The RIC Members’ goal is to remove barriers, increase awareness across multiple disciplinarians including education, law enforcement, first responders, the medical community, faith-based communities, statewide organizations and through the Federal Government.

About the Collaborative

The RIC was formed as a planning committee to organize the Inaugural Regional Human Trafficking Summit (the “Summit”) for advocates working to end human trafficking in the U.S. Department of Human Services’ Region 3 which includes Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia. The Summit was held in February, 2021 virtually for advocates in the Region to learn from each other about best practices, barriers shared across state lines, legislation being enacted, medical guidelines being implemented as well as procedures being put in place to address human trafficking on the front lines of law enforcement and first responders.

During the process of planning the Summit, the planning committee realized that the sharing of ideas throughout the Region and on a national basis was so unique that it had to become a permanent group and expand to include as many advocates and survivors to create a long-lasting impact on human trafficking. Thus, the RIC was formed and is a 501c3. The RIC plans to provide informational Webinars as well as work throughout the Region to bring awareness and education to the community level.

Please be sure to visit the Events Page on this website for Webinars and upcoming events.

RIC Members

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Wade Arvizu

Associate Director of Employment Pathways
Survivor Alliance

Nathan Earl

Principal Consultant at Giant Slayer Consulting

Shamere McKenzie

Training for National Human Trafficking Hotline

Dawn Schiller, M.A.

Training Director, Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking (CAST), LA County Project, Consultant, Speaker


Sidney McCoy

Amara Legal

Alexandra Menezes

Assistant Attorney General
DC Office of Attorney General


Lauren Arnold

Anti Human Trafficking Program Manager
Salvation Army, Delaware State Office

Christina Crooks Bryan

Director, Communications & Policy
DE Healthcare Association

Johanna Bishop

Director, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Wilmington University

Yolanda Schlabach

Executive Director
Zoe Ministries, Inc.

Diana Suchodolski

Meet Me At The Well


Jessica Dickerson

Maryland Department of Juvenile Services
Victim Services Coordinator

Neil Mallon

Advisor to the University of Maryland SAFE Center
Baltimore School of Social Work, University of Maryland

Caroline Harmon-Darrow

Senior Community Program Specialist
University of Maryland, Baltimore School of Social Work

Debra Holbrook

Forensic Nurse
Mercy Hospital


Karen Galbraith

Projects Coordinator
PA Coalition Against Rape Training

Amber Goltz

Manager of Anti-Trafficking

Heather LaRocca, LCSW

Director, Anti-Trafficking for The Salvation Army
Advisor, New Day to Stop Trafficking Program

Pat Mowen

Prevention Specialist
Crime Victims Center

Glenn Sterner

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
Penn State University

Susan Romano

Donna Sabella

Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
PA College of Health Sciences


Tanya Gould

Survivor Leader & Expert

Patrick J. McKenna, Esq.

Virginia Coalition Against Human Trafficking

Carol Olson, MA, LPC, ATR, CSAC

Assistant Director VCU Injury and Violence Prevention – Gender and IPV Initiatives and Counseling Programs

Julian Walker

VP, Communications
VA Hospital & Healthcare Association


Amie Ashcraft, PhD, MPH

Assistant Research Professor
Health Sciences Center, W.V. University

Corporal F.H. Edwards

Lia M. Palmer

Chief Investigator
Office of the West Virginia Attorney General


Trish Danner

Office of the Regional Director/Regional Outreach Specialist
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

Gail Houppert

Senior Project Officer
Office of Refugee and Resettlement

Alexis Polen

Human Trafficking Regional Liaison
Office of Trafficking in Persons

Christine Woolslayer

Public Health Administrator
Office of the Assistant Secretary of Health

The Department of Homeland Security Blue Campaign