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Human Trafficking Awareness Webinars

Presented by Wilmington University’s The Criminal Justice Institute & The College of Social & Behavioral Sciences


Presented by:

Yvonne Chen, Director of Private Sector Engagement, ECPAT-USA; Abbe Horswill, Senior Manager, Human Rights and Social Impact, Marriott International;
Kalyn Stephens, Senior Vice President, Executive and Strategic Initiatives, American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA);
Helen Taylor, Director of Grant Programs, Global Fund to End Modern Slavery.

Session Description:

Hotels, ranging from economy properties to luxury resorts, can be venues for human trafficking. Victims may be sexually exploited within hotels or forced to work in various roles on hotel properties. Hotel associates are uniquely situated to identify the indicators victims and trafficking may exhibit, and hospitality companies are increasingly recognizing the role they can play in combatting this crime. While the COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in more contactless and mobile hotel experiences, which can make it more difficult to detect human trafficking, the industry continues to find new opportunities to meaningfully address the issue. The session will explore the innovative ways hotels and the hospitality industry are training associates, supporting survivors, and combatting human trafficking.

Session Objectives:

  • Describe the nexus between human trafficking and the hospitality industry
  • Highlight tools and resources to combat human trafficking within hotels
  • Explore partnerships between nonprofit organizations and hospitality companies
  • Share examples of training and other programs hospitality companies have
  • Discuss strategies to ensure programs are survivor-centered and survivor-informed


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